One of the main determining factors to a successful Aliyah is Parnassa – a livelihood.

Many potential olim over the age of 40 are discouraged by the fact that employment prospects are

not all that great. They often lack the tools required to set up a business from scratch, which is quite

daunting and can take several years to become profitable and are prone to a high new business

failure rate.

Buying a business in Israel solves the above problems , as the hard part has been done. You are no

longer dependent on the whims of an impatient employer, obtain an existing income stream, and can

utilize your efforts in expanding an existing business rather than wasting much time effort setting up

from scratch.


We do recommend searching in a field that you are already familiar with or are trained in so that

you will have an edge. Having good hebrew skills are important to help you hang onto and grow

the business.

We speak your language and can thus better understand your brief

We will help you locate, evaluate & negotiate the right business for you.

We will hold your hand every step of the way during the due diligence process and assist you with a

satisfactory transition with your new business in Israel.

So many Diaspora Jews cite income stability as the reason why they feel that they cannot move to

Israel. There is a new option for olim & potential olim – Owning a business in Israel.

As an aliyah – friendly, fully bilingual firm, we will help olim every step of the way. We will source

a great business with consistent profits, to provide you with the income you need to thrive in Israel!

If you live in Chutz La'aretz, you no longer have a reason to stay away because you don't have a job

or an income.


We have contacts to assist you with 3rd party financing for your new business to help establish your

foothold in the country.