Business Israel is a leading national agency of business brokers in Israel. We deal with a wide range

of businesses for sale in Israel including retail, manufacturing, distribution, leisure, services,

communications & hi-tech. From medium sized companies to more complex M&A 's, Business

We aim is to provide israelis, olim and investors from abroad with a range of profitable businesses

for sale throughout Israel. We are in tune with the local market in Israel, and are updated with the

latest developments.

Business Israel also provides existing business owners in Israel with a new outlet for selling their

business, attracting partners or obtaining finance. We achieve this by matching Israeli based

companies with institutional & private investors.


There is no better way of financially supporting Israel than by investing in an Israeli business.

Buying an apartment is great but the contribution to the economy ends with the purchase and

associated expenses / work. Buying a business is clearly more profitable from an income

perspective but also provides an ongoing boost to the economy by securing or increasing

workplaces and freeing up capital that often goes into even larger enterprises.